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Hello, I am Mina aka MistiqArts and I have been working as a professional illustrator and teaching at my manga workshop with over 50 students in Belgrade, Serbia.

I am an author of the “Manga crash course” and “Manga Crash Course Fantasy” tutorial books, published by “Impact books” in 2015 and 2017.

 My works and workshop have been featured in magazines, international news, and rewarded by the members of the Embassy of Japan in Serbia.

On my Youtube channel with millions of views I try to feature all of my hobbies, and lessons through my videos.

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MistiqArts Vlogs

Even though the daily events don’t usually find their way here, I keep my fondest memories in snippets and share them with you.

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Make sure to check out the personal works , watercolor experiments and weird original characters, stemming from the authors dreams.

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