Cosplay Crash Course: Complete Beginners Guide to Cosplay

For every new cosplayer, things get super confusing. The wigs are scary, makeup seems complicated, crafting seems hard, but these are all just tips and tricks that this book will gladly simplify and explain! New cosplayers will learn all the crafting tricks, how to manipulate their hair, costumes and wigs to fit their fave characters! There is also a whole section on efficient ways to get the best photos on a dime, all in one book!


Cosplay lets you step out of your own skin and into someone else’s shoes (or boots, or paws…). This beginner’s guide helps you walk that walk with confidence in an awesome costume of your own creation with this Complete Beginners Guide to Cosplay.

This complete guide to cosplay was created for beginners who want to step out of their own skin and into someone else’s shoes, no matter where they come from.

In the spirit of collaboration that has always been central to the cosplay community, we are honored to have work from some fantastic instructors represented in Cosplay Crash Course: ByaLadyCostumes, EDGE cap cosplay, Ferasha Cosplay, Rado Raven Art, Rebel Among the Stars Cosplay , Marijana Miletić, Tenshi Cosplay, Twinfools Cosplay and Mistiqarts Cosplay.

True to the cosplay spirit of collaboration, Cosplay Crash Course shares favorite tricks and techniques from some of the community’s most imaginative artists. Step by step, you’ll learn how to turn ordinary fabrics, inexpensive toys, easy-to-manipulate thermoplastics, wigs and other humble materials into original costumes you’ll wear with pride. Whether you’re making fabulous feathers, metallic armor, wicked horns, lifelike claws or form-fitting boots, this book puts it all within your reach. You’ll even learn awesome hair and makeup effects to complete the look.

Use this inside advice to fast-forward through years of trial and error; learn to select the best fabrics and adhesives and to make practical choices for comfort and wearability. Armed with the know-how in these pages and a spirit of adventure, who will you become?

Everything you need to dress your part!

• 25+ step-by-step projects for creating authentic-looking props, costumes and accessories
• Easy techniques and clever shortcuts from nine international cosplay artists
• How to manipulate wigs, extensions and your own hair to create unique and expressive looks
• Awesome makeup effects, from tattoos and zombie bites to tricks for making faces appear more feminine or masculine
• Bonus tips for striking a pose and snapping dynamic, in-character photos

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